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LPMA Announces 2020 New Officers

The Louisiana Podiatric Medical Association (LPMA) has announced its new slate of officers for two-year terms.

Dr. Tyson Green with Imperial Health Center for Orthopaedics in Lake Charles, Louisiana, was elected President and also serves as the LPMA Delegate to the House of Delegates. Other officers are Dr. Chantal Lorio with Ochsner Clinic in Kenner, Vice President; Dr. Jay Groves with Foot and Ankle Health Center in Covington, Treasurer; Dr. Kalieb Pourciau with Imperial Health Center for Orthopaedics, Secretary; and Dr. Cassie Hudson the Foot and Ankle Center in Marrero, Past President. Serving as Board Members at Large are Dr. Daniel McGovern, Dr. Billy Dabdoub and Dr. Lea Elliott.

LPMA is an active, non-profit organization comprised of podiatric physicians who are both licensed in the state of Louisiana and are members of the American Podiatric Medical Association. LPMA is the official state component society of the APMA. For more information, visit

Dr. Luke Hunter Attends Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee Meeting

Dr. Luke Hunter, LPMA CAC representative, recently attended the annual Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee meeting on behalf of the LPMA to voice concerns and listen for changes coming for Medicare.

There are significant changes coming down the pipeline in regard to how podiatrists get paid (PQRS is going away and is now being replaced by MACRA). MACRA will give doctors a score from 0-100 and some private insurances might base reimbursements off Medicare's grade for each doctor.

MACRA has two different payment models, MIPS and APM. Podiatrists fall under MIPS (APM does not apply to podiatrists). There are three ways to participate in MACRA: The first way will avoid any penalty; the second way will give doctors the chance for a small bonus; the third way will possibly give doctors the full bonus but has the worst potential penalty, this also gives doctors the highest potential MIPS score.

There are advisers/services available that can help with doctors MIPS score. If doctors already have an EMR, they should contact them to see what resources are available to help avoid a penalty and potentially get a bonus. For more information on EMR, go to

Attached is a PowerPoint presentation from the meeting. The presentation includes guidelines to avoiding the penalty by submitting one claim with information.

Dr. Hunter provided other notes from the meeting to share with LPMA members. Those notes can be viewed here.

For more information, email Dr. Hunter at

LPMA Announces 2019 Board Members

The Louisiana Podiatric Medical Association has named the following doctors as 2019 board members:

President, Dr. Tyson Green

Vice President, Dr. Chantal Lorio

Secretary, Dr. Kalieb Pourciau

Treasurer, Dr. Jay Groves

Board members at large, Dr. Billy Dabdoub, Dr. Lea Elliott, Dr. Jayson Cortez and Dr. Chantel Lorio.

8th Annual Musculoskeletal Symposium Held October 7 in Lake Charles

The 8th Annual Musculoskeletal Symposium was help October 7, 2017 in Lake Charles. The Musculoskeletal Symposium is an education program for physician specialties and physician extenders in the area of family practice, internal medicine, sports medicine, physical therapy and athletic trainers. This year's event was one of the most successful with over 80 participants.